Friday, April 8, 2011

hi, i'm new here

well, here i am....blogging? that seems so weird to me. but i guess i never would have thought i would begin selling pendants and have it be successful enough that i would have the guts to open an etsy shop either.
so let me take a moment to tell you a little bit about myself. right now i'm sitting in the living room, typing away. my husband is watching the pens game and my 4 year old son is walking back and forth between the two of us, wrapped up in a snuggie, trick or treating. it is april. most of the time that i spent fumbling around the internet creating this blog i had a candyland box on my head. my son is the most awesome person ever.
in a nutshell, i grew up in union, nj and moved to pittsburgh when i was 12. i was voted most unique dresser in high school. i went around the world on a boat when i was 19. i got married in 2005 and it made the news. i have a MSW and have worked in child welfare for 10 years. it's the type of job that when you go to holiday parties you dread the small talk question "so, what do you do?" no one actually wants to know- even when they think they do.
i have been loving the jewelry making that i picked up last fall. it has been a nice way to have some focused me-time. it is so important to keep those creative juices flowing. it's healthy. and i also get to focus on and preach about upcycling!
 thanks for stopping by and come back soon!

long beach island, 2010

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  1. Very interesting first post.
    Blogging becomes addicting, At first I felt weird too, but it just becomes a habit.
    I love forward to hearing more from you. <3