Tuesday, April 19, 2011

hidden treasure: the glass shards

this is just a small portion of my stockpile of glass shards. aren't there are so many beautiful colors?? holding each piece up to the light really shows you the striking shades. it's hard to see just how amazing they are, but this is how i found them- covered in dust and dirt, all piled together.  i found these at Creative Reuse Pittsburgh, where i get a lot (most!) of my materials. they were all on a shelf, separated by color, stored in huge plastic pretzel barrels. because they were kinda in a corner i had passed them by a couple times before finally noticing them. i went back again and again, each time sitting on a big spool of hot pink ribbon, holding each piece up to the sun shining through the giant window in order to see the color. i looked at each piece for shape and break, handpicking some for pendants and some for suncatchers. so much fun- like a treasure hunt! each piece has beautiful striations. some of the break patterns are parallel and some are rounded and swirly. every piece is as one of a kind as you can get.