Tuesday, April 26, 2011

glass part 2

so once i bring the shards home, they get a good cleaning. they are individually washed with soap and warm water, dried, and then shined up nice and pretty. here's a pic of a handful of glass all dried and shined up, ready to be made into something fabulous. i go over every edge and point to make sure it isn't sharp. i love the rough and unique edges of each piece, but i will rub my fingertips over the edges and on some fabric to make sure it doesn't cause damage. if there are any issues i use some tools to grind the sharpness down to make a safer edge, still leaving it rough and varied. i think one of the most interesting aspects of the pieces is how asymmetrical they are. (i am a libra so i typically like balance and symmetry, so this is odd for me!) each piece has a shape that suits it better for vertical or horizontal hanging. the thickness of the glass determines how deep or bright the color is. the size determines if it will be a suncatcher or pendant (some are interchangeable if you like big statement pieces!) i'm thinking of trying to make some earrings and outdoor mobiles soon. we'll see what else i come up with! i'll take suggestions if you have any!


  1. Beautiful photo!
    Love all the colors!

    Great meeting you through the Etsy Blog Team! :)

    Mary C. Nasser

  2. Love this! I think it's great to show and tell a little about the process. I need to try to do that in my own blog.
    I can totally imagine that it is probably hard for you not to want to make everything symmetrical and to leave rough edges. I'm married to a Libra but I think he's finally realized that he can't do anything about my rough edges and nor can I do anything about his.:)