Wednesday, September 5, 2012

terrarium fun!

tyler and i decided to make a terrarium. i got the terrarium box from my old boss, and she was excited to see how it would go... here it is! it was actually a lot of fun to hunt through the yard to find the bits of moss and plants and rocks and and sticks and such. tyler had a great time finding different varieties of moss. it was a wonderful way to teach him about how different things can be even when they look the same from far away. even i didn't realize how many different kinds of moss there are just in our own backyard! i think tyler had the most fun picking out the treasures that he wanted to put inside. we have seashells, shinybeads, and marbles.
put some rocks on the bottom of your terrarium container. then some sand. then some good soil (miracle grow would be good). then plant yourself some pretty green things! use a spray bottle to keep it moist. only spray it when there isn't any condensation left on the glass.(that's a good little 'chore' for little ones too!)

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