Thursday, August 30, 2012

starting kindergarten and some kid quotes to enjoy

tyler started kindergarten this week, on my 7 year wedding anniversary. i think my husband said it all when we woke up that morning, i said 'happy anniversary' and he said 'what the hell happened?' where did these 7 years go? it started with a wedding on a rainy august saturday that made the news and now we have two perfect little boys. one just getting used to air and sunlight and the tornado that is his big brother, the other who is taking tae kwon do and starting his 13 year journey of classes and friends and cafeterias and homework.
eliot and i brought tyler to school that morning and walked him into the auditorium. i am so proud that tyler was so good about it all. he is taking this all so well (new baby, new school...) he adjusted better than me! i think the only thing that kept me from crying right then and there was that i know i am going to do it all over again with my second baby boy. i'm not going to say i didn't cry, i just didn't do it in front of anyone! 
i would like to take this time to document a few quotes from tyler. there is something wonderful about the mind of a child (except when he calls me back into his bedroom, after he should already be asleep, to tell me i will need to do some exercises after the baby comes)...
*"i really do like babies, even though they are disgusting" (talking with hockey mimi, august 2012)
*"did you marry dady because he got all As and A+s?" (july 4, 2012)
*my sister: "i hate star wars" tyler: "well do you like the nauseous parts like the kissing? they have those parts" (july 2, 2012)
*"your life is awesome so don't complain about it" (to my sister, june 22, 2012)
*me: "how do i look?" t: "smaller but you're still in the shape of pregnant" (trying on clothes, june 13, 2012)
*"my dad is a nerd for books" (march, 2012)
*"you just don't remember because you're pregnant. it takes away your mind" (june 4, 2012)
*"if you obey me you'll get a flower. if you don't obey me you'll get a booger" (May 8, 2012)
*some of the more wonderful baby names (before he decided upon eliot david) Mr. Poopcrotch Harold, tyler junior james harold (he would then be tyler james harold the first), Cockroach of Doom, and Plaster Dirtyman.
*Greg: "i used to write poetry when i was a young man" t: "you did? guess what you're my favorite writer" (april 9, 2012)
*"i have a good idea. if we win it's a race if we lose it's not a race" (feb 16, 2012)
*"is batman mark twain?" (november 28, 2011)
*"peeling is my favorite thing to do in banana skills" (november 21, 2011)
*t: "mommy, is this a ninja?" me: "no, sweetie, that's mother teresa" (november 18, 2011)
*"this music is like crap going into your face" (greg playing slayer, raining blood, september 11, 2011)
*"did you guys ever have kids? you have to teach them to be quiet when you're on the phone, oh and when they're hungry you have to feed them" (teaching my sis and bro in law "how to be parents" august 8, 2011)
*question: "why did you let bugs bite you?" t: "shirts don't glue to people" (june 2, 2011)
*"i'm gonna whisper something to you... i farted on daddy (*laugh*) i told you it would make you laugh" (may 25, 2011)
*"i am too gonna do big things" (january 17, 2011)
*"buy me! buy me! i'm in a cage!" (after climbing inside laundry bin, december 1, 2010)
*"mommy!" "what?" "i love you...thanks for everything" (just closed the door for bedtime, nov 29, 2010)
*"mommy mommy...i like her" (seeing pic of me and t, july 20, 2010)
*t: "i am sick" mimi: "from what?" "jessie's feet. she made me smell them" (april 29, 2010)

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