Wednesday, September 7, 2011

homemade winkie costume (let's get ready for fall!)

  i had to put on a jacket this morning when i left the house for work. i love the cool crisp mornings that remind me fall is coming!! and i am definitely ready to get into the spirit of fall.  it is easy for me because my birthday is at the end of this month, so the end of summer means the beginning of birthday season!! anyways, thinking fall means thinking halloween. and when a mom thinks halloween, she always wonders what genius (and marvelously time-consuming) idea our child will have for a costume. 
this past fall season,when i asked my son what he wanted to be for halloween, he said an O-E-O. what he calls an O-E-O is, in fact, called a Winkie. to be honest i didn't know it was called a Winkie either (until a google image search enlightened me). It is one of the soldiers from the Wicked Witch of the West's castle in the Wizard of Oz. so i thought to myself... O-E-O. i can do this. can't i?? so i started by doing some research online. this is the pic i found to use as a reference. looks do-able, right??? anything is do-able. 
so i started... bought a sweatshirt, furry stuff and some felt,tassels and buttons... and piece by piece began figuring it out as i went, hand-sewing each stitch.

first, i cut strips of gray felt and sewed them onto the sweatshirt...

then came the shoulders.....

then some furry fabric and fancy buttons....

then the sleeves.....

then i added the bottom flap part of the 'jacket'...

then some applique work with white and red felt...
add a fancy necklace and furry hat and taaa-daaa!

and there he is as happy as can be, my little O-E-O!! 

this year he wants to be a peacock......

what have you made for your little ones???


  1. I love hat picture. He looks so proud.

  2. I don't have little ones to make costumes for anymore, but when I did I didn't have the imagination that you have. It's so cute...and so is he.

  3. when my girls were little I made many beautiful princess costumes (usually ended up spending way more than what I wanted, but they were glitzy). We had a Wizard of OZ theme on year Glinda the good witch, a green faced bad witch and a munchkin (my baby at the time). Your costume turned out wonderfully!

  4. I stumbled across your blog post though a google search that led me to pinterest, that led me here! My 2 year old has descided he wants to be an O-E-O and has informed us that his little brother is a flying monkey and Mom is "Dor-tee." Luckily, I have the "Dor-tee" dress covered because my mom made an oversized/extra long costume when I was in elementary school that actually looks like a cute apron on me now! I also have the monkey part of the flying monkey, thanks to a sleeper we have that looks like a monkey (going to make a quick mini jacket with wings and hat to go with it!) But the O-E-O...that was stumping me....I was considering a jacket, sewing strips of fabric onto a shirt like you've done, or even making something like overalls...I'm liking the way you've done it now that I'm seeing it actually done and not just imagined in my mind! :D Thanks for posting!! :D