Friday, July 1, 2011

i'm back!

ok. i admit it. i've been neglecting my blog! but i have been gone for a while. among a bajillion responsibilities and things to do keeping me away, i went down the shore. it was awesome and now i'm back. i wish we lived closer to the shore. growing up in new jersey it was so close. i took it for granted! now it's 7 hours away and i don't get to go nearly as frequently as i would like. i just had to share this photo. isn't he just the cutest?!?
anyone out there live somewhere other than where they grew up? do you ever feel torn, like you have two homes?  it's how i feel all the time. pittsburgh has been my home for most of my life and is where i have established my life and family. but when i go back to new jersey, i just feel better. i don't know if that even makes sense. i'd love to hear from anyone out there that's in the same boat (or even not in the same boat!)


  1. I live in VA (because the military told us to) LOL but am originally from FL, lived there the first 18 years of my life. So I do understand that being torn between two homes feeling. Lovely beach pictures!


  2. Great pics!

    We moved a lot when I was kid. Lived in Ga for 2 years and Lousiana for 6 months. Nope we weren't in the military, either. We moved around Independence, Missouri so many times you would not believe. I went to a total of 24 schools, we moved that much.

    Where do we live now? Yep, Independence. It's nice to know the area. When we go somewhere, I usually ask my husband, "Did I tell you about when I lived here and here and here?" His answer, is always yes, yes(many, many times.)

    We are going to open a business in Independence, it would be nice to go away, Far, far away.

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  4. That's neat that you feel at home in NJ. I really don't feel at home anymore in my hometown. I've lived so many other places and love where I live now. Just returned from my hometown and I am glad to be HOME! Maybe it has to do with the people. Most of the people knew there are gone.