Friday, May 6, 2011

Interview with a preschooler

i knew i wanted to use my blog to acknowledge mother's day in some way. i wasn't sure how at first, but this idea came to me while i was at work. i decided to interview the boy that made me a mother. my son, tyler, is 4 years old.

what's your favorite food? pancakes.

what's your favorite color? oh, green. you know that.

what's your favorite game? candyland. 2nd favorite? trouble. do you know what's the boringest game ever? chutes and ladders. 

what's your favorite thing to do at school? paint. 2nd is draw for my daddy and mommy and kenya. you know what's the boringest ever? smelling the stinky fish.

what's your favorite show? jake and the neverland pirates.

what's your favorite book? my favorite book is the dinosaur book. why? cuz it's so long. cuz there's lots of killed dinosaurs and fighting dinosaurs and punchy dinosaurs and stabby dinosaurs and prickly dinosaurs and armory dinosaurs.

what's your favorite toy? my toy trains.

if you could be an animal, which animal would you be? i would be a giraffe. why? cuz i would have a long neck and i could reach up in trees.

who is your favorite hockey player? dah, it's crosby already!

what do you want to be when you grow up? oh a police officer. why? cuz i can arrest them. arrest who? arrest people that steal things.

what do you like best about yourself? oh, hopping on one foot
about daddy? that he is big.
about mommy? cuz you get to pet kenya nice. cuz you help me.  and we help everybody else.

what is your favorite treat? just a donut. a sprinkle donut. or a blueberry donut. or a vanilla one. vanilla icing.

throughout the post are pics of tyler over the years.
where does the time go?


  1. He is adorable! And that baby pic of him with his little belly hanging out is the cutest ever. Keep blogging or journeling all the rememberable things that he says. You will think that you will remember them, but you won't. Time goes by so fast!

  2. What a perfect post to celebrate Mother's Day! Hope yours is awesome!

    Adorable kids!